Erin O’Keeffe, Senior Lead Consultant

Erin is passionate about helping B2B technology companies uncover what separates them from the pack and developing differentiation strategies that drive scale-up and category leadership. She has particular experience and success in creation and development of B2B market categories.

Erin brings more than 15 years’ experience in developing innovative and high-impact go-to-market strategies and communications programs to Firebrick, across in-house, agency and consulting roles. With deep expertise in category creation, Erin has scaled leading B2B tech companies, ranging from established category leaders to disruptive, high-growth startups. As a central member of the communications team at Salesforce, she played a leadership role in creating the company’s provocative viewpoint and corporate communications, encompassing story development, competitive campaigns, M&A and crisis communications, as well as marketing and communications initiatives which were significant in developing the cloud category and category dominance. While at Salesforce, Erin experienced firsthand, the impact a compelling viewpoint and a strong positioning strategy can have on accelerating sales growth, dominating a category and proactively shaping the buying criteria.

Prior to joining Firebrick, she served as Director of Communications for Lattice Engines, an early category leader in predictive marketing and sales applications. Erin also served as a Director at the Horn Group, a digital communications agency specialized in helping B2B tech companies define, disrupt or maintain their market positions.

Erin is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, with B.A. and B.F.A. degrees in Corporate Communications and Ballet. When not helping B2B tech companies tell their story, she enjoys being with her family, including her two young sons. A former professional ballerina, Erin also currently serves on the Board of Berkeley City Ballet and assists with the company’s publicity and fundraising efforts.

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