Molly Parker Tapias, Senior Lead Consultant

Molly is a seasoned executive advisor that draws on her background as a strategist and deep experience understanding markets, buyers and revenue levers to help technology companies achieve breakout growth.

Before joining Firebrick, Molly was a strategic advisor helping technology and healthcare companies understand new markets, customers and industry best practices. Molly began her management consulting career as a Consultant at Bain & Company. While at Bain, she advised some of the world's most successful technology, biotechnology and private equity firms on their urgent competitive and growth issues. She helped clients on a range of topics including growth expansion strategy, investment due diligence, cost reduction, and portfolio optimization.

Molly also worked in Bain's internal practice area focused on performance improvement where she specialized in mobilizing inter-discipline teams to understand and prioritize strategic options and then implement operational models to drive competitive advantage and better business results.

Prior to Bain, Molly completed her dissertation in social-personality psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, with a focus on close relationships and stigmatized group members' prejudice expectations. Prior to earning her Ph.D., she conducted consumer research for the Pharmacy Access Partnership and health policy research for the Kaiser Family Foundation. She completed a B.A. in Human Biology and Latin American Studies with Honors at Stanford University. Molly is a Bay Area native. She enjoys traveling and speaking Spanish.

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