Client Impact

Firebrick helps CEOs, GMs and CMOs tackle the challenges they face when market inflection points create new opportunities and threats. At these critical junctures, Firebrick helps its clients take their strategy to market successfully, change the game in their favor, and quickly realize revenues and valuation. We deliver client impact with our proven positioning process, using the knowledge accumulated from working with the industry’s brightest technology leaders over the past 20 years. Firebrick is particularly valuable for executives looking to:

Find a fresh viewpoint or conversation, and eliminate “geek-speak” and “me-too” positioning

Accelerate revenue growth from a new product

Enter new markets or sell to new buyers – new selling motions

Shift to a higher-level, executive buyer, from selling features to selling solutions

Defend category leadership, particularly in the face of price erosion or commoditization or new market entrants

Shrink sales cycles and address unacceptable win/loss ratios

Out-perform the status-quo and shake up the market

We are the right choice for technology executives willing to make a big bet on a change in strategy, and who absolutely have to get positioning right the first time.