About Us

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Firebrick is a positioning strategy firm devoted to helping B2B technology companies accelerate revenue growth through compelling go-to-market positioning. Our goal is to help companies reshape the way they talk about their solutions, drive differentiation, and create buyer urgency.

We are for technology executives willing to make a big bet on a change in strategy, and who absolutely have to get it right the first time. Our clients come to us because "good enough" is not ok and they want to stand out, make a difference in the lives of their customers, and become the next significant technology company.

Bob Wright, the founder of Firebrick, is widely recognized in Silicon Valley as a leading expert at helping B2B technology companies create successful positioning platforms that result in revenue acceleration. With over 250 engagements to date, Bob has helped create successful positioning platforms for companies including Workday, SAP, Citrix, Riverbed and VMware.

A former tech company executive himself, Bob has assembled a team of hand-picked professionals that combines a wealth of operating, agency and venture capital experience with a collective passion for helping companies move the needle of their business. We have been in the client seat, facing game-changing market dynamics. This operational know-how, combined with wide experience across categories gives Firebrick an unparalleled ability to unlock the potential in a new strategy.

Our Viewpoint

Positioning is the new force for disrupting B2B markets

The days of tech companies being able to strong-arm their way to success through sheer sales effort are over. Positioning is the key strategic lever in today’s crowded markets to help companies rise above the ever-changing noise to distinguish themselves in the minds of customers. Poor, “me-too” or confusing positioning can doom a B2B technology company to lots of “no-decisions”, elongated sales cycles, and unacceptable win/loss ratios. 

Frequent inflection points are the new normal

Game-changing inflection points used to come along at a steady, even, predictable pace. This is no longer the case. The ability of new entrants to get funded and noticed has never been easier, accelerating the pace with which new disruptors, representing both opportunities and threats, continually bombard your management team. At these critical inflection points, executives need to quickly create the right positioning strategy and data-driven targeting to gain competitive advantage before the window of opportunity closes.

All companies are organized for the last strategy

Capitalizing on the inflection points facing your company requires selling to a newset of buyers, owning different problems and competing with an unknown group of players – but your business was set up pre-inflection point, to execute on yesterday’s strategy. Organizational inertia hinders companies from getting traction with a change in strategy, making revenue growth incredibly challenging.

Positioning must answer three questions for your buyers

Technology companies that want to carve out a unique, differentiated position in the market must answer three fundamental questions for their buyers:

  • Why your company, NOW?
  • How are you different?
  • How will your customer’s life be fundamentally better?

Positioning is not “marketing’s job"

We engage your entire executive team in our strategic positioning process.  The process is designed so that executive team buy-in is already in place as the positioning platform is finalized, enabling you to implement it immediately.  We are expert at orchestrating the process, and we can move your company to a new positioning platform and vision for itself within weeks, not months, from the start of an engagement.

Data-driven targeting is the future of B2B selling

Most tech companies struggle to generate the right kind of pipeline and target accounts for their sales teams to pursue, wasting finite budget and resources calling on the wrong accounts. They simply don’t have the data they need to make sure they are in the right sales opportunities and pinpoint which companies are ready to buy.  What’s required is a set of quantitative and qualitative data in order to target the highest propensity-to-buy accounts. 

Why We're Different


Firebrick leverages a proven process, combined with healthy doses of creativity and pragmatism, to accelerate your journey from strategy to the point of revenue. We don't provide ivory tower advice or academic theory. We deliver tangible, practical solutions that can be put into action within six to eight weeks.

Buyer-Centric Thinking

We are working in unprecedented times that call for game-changing methods. Product-focused positioning and marketing strategies are relics of the past. We are uncompromising in shifting the focus on the buyer, revealing the go-to-market initiatives that will allow your sales teams to engage with prospects to solve their business problems, and win the greatest potential revenue.

Specialized Expertize;
Operational Smarts

Our team is made up of former technology marketing, sales and product executives. With our exclusive focus on B2B, we combine our operational know-how with our experience helping over 250 companies unlock the potential in their strategies. We offer our clients unparalleled expertise and immersion in the issues that connect strategy to revenue.