Positioning Strategy

Strong corporate positioning is a central asset for successful technology companies, helping to drive revenue growth, valuation and category leadership. But most tech companies continue to struggle. No differentiation. Low MRR. Price discounting. Not engaged at executive-level. Weak valuation. Powerful differentiators often wind up as “geek-speak” and feature sets that fail to motivate buyers to action.

Through a proven, collaborative process involving your entire executive team, Firebrick helps you go big and imagine more. We help you develop a positioning strategy that brings your product alive with a fresh viewpoint and clear differentiation. We help you get exquisitely clear about “why you matter” and why executive buyers should care. Positioning strategies that will “WOW” your buyers, create buyer urgency, cuts through the noise and bring your unique genius and IP to life. The difference between yes and no.

  • Assessment

    Our positioning engagements begin with an assessment of your current positioning. Through interviews of your management team and key sales personnel, we quickly determine what’s working and not working with your existing positioning. We combine these insights with a thorough review of your existing sales and marketing materials, analyst reports, and a survey of the competitive landscape to develop an informed assessment of your current positioning challenges and opportunities.

  • Strategy

    Through our “all-hands” positioning workshop, we jump-start the positioning process and help you tackle your positioning challenges head-on. Using a proven positioning process, we provoke debate among your team, and wrestle with the issues that keep you from engaging customers, hamper your growth and slow down sales cycles. We identify the business problem you solve, explore positioning alternatives, create new language for your differentiators and develop the themes that most deeply resonate with your buyers. By the end of the workshop, there is buy-in from your team about which positioning strategy to pursue and the key elements of the storyline.

  • Storylines

    We deliver a powerful market-facing positioning storyline that brings your product alive, gives your company a fresh viewpoint and clearly separates you from the pack in the minds of your buyers. The storyline fundamentally re-frames the company and its value to your customers. Your team will debate and refine the storyline, together with Firebrick, so that ownership and executive buy-in is secured at the very beginning. This early buy-in is essential for successful implementation of your positioning story, throughout your organization, within 6 to 8 weeks from the start of the engagement.

  • Messaging

    Once your positioning story has been completed, we develop a detailed message guide for your corporate marketing and field marketing teams. The message guide helps your marketing personnel operationalize your positioning messages into your marketing materials, campaigns, website, PR and branding efforts. We deliver a prose message document with messages in short, medium and long format.

Firebrick bridges the divide between marketing and sales. Your positioning is not complete unless it is easily understood and actionable by your field sales and channel teams. We help you operationalize your positioning story throughout your organization to drive your positioning strategy to the point of revenue.

  • Sales Success Model

    The litmus test for any good positioning is how well it transforms a sales organization to accelerate sales cycles and drive new revenue. Firebrick bridges the divide between marketing and sales through sales enablement strategy planning and sales leadership training events. We help cement a sales team’s understanding of its new positioning and competitive differentiation through education, role-playing, peer-training and certification.

  • Sales Positioning Guide

    Good positioning often breaks down as it moves through the field. We develop sales positioning guides that infuse sales efforts with your positioning story, while also capturing the accumulated knowledge of seasoned sales reps, delivered in a digestible format. Firebrick positioning guides dial up productivity by turning marketing messages into buyer-centric sales conversations, help sales reps overcome roadblocks, and enable them to engage with prospects to solve real business problems.

Most technology companies are missing lots of sales opportunities — deals that you’re not in or don’t even know about — and these are opportunities that could help you make your revenue number this year. Firebrick provides a clear understanding of the environmental conditions that must exist for a buyer to “raise their hand” combined with deep analytic capabilities to find the accounts with the highest propensity to buy.

  • Win/Loss Analysis

    We begin with qualitative and quantitative research to develop a 360° analysis of your customers. This research includes interviews with customers and sales personnel, analysis of pipeline and customer reports, and review of analyst and industry reports. The objective of this phase is to develop a deep understanding of where your company competes best today.

  • Propensity to Buy Segmentation

    Utilizing existing and new data sources, such as demographic, industry, and publicly available information, we create a set of data that represents the universe of potential accounts. We use the understanding gleaned from our deep dive buyer analysis to prioritize and score the potential accounts based on your company’s unique differentiators.

  • Target Account Lists

    The final phase of our propensity-to-buy segmentation involves running our proprietary scoring algorithm against the universe of potential accounts. The final result is a customized P2B target list of accounts that have the most likelihood of buying your solution today