• What do we do?

    Firebrick helps B2B technology companies accelerate revenue growth through break-away positioning strategies. We reshape the way companies talk about themselves. Stand out. Differentiate. Cut through the noise. Wow buyers. We give your company and products the powerful positioning they deserve.

  • How do we do this?

    We bring an outside perspective to be the catalyst for truly understanding how big you can be and the impact you can make on the lives of your buyers. We immerse ourselves in your world. And use a proven, refined process that represents the best positioning practices in Silicon Valley to find, uncover and make meaning of your unique IP and true genius. To elevate the whole conversation. So the world can finally understand who you are and how you will rock their world.

  • Who are we for?

    We are here for the big idea people, the true change makers, the disruptors and the technology innovators who don’t want to settle for less. We are for those B2B tech executives that absolutely have to get it right to seize a market window of opportunity. We help these executives think bigger and inspire better so they can change their customers’ worlds and leave an indelible market on our industry.

  • Why Firebrick?

    We are the difference between boring and inspiring. Average and transcendent. Sameness and legendary. The difference between yes and no. You benefit from our specialized craft. A process built and refined by our experience positioning over 400 B2B technology companies. We are your accelerant to drive this through the organization- and get it done fast. We bring fresh thinking and an outside perspective. We help you think through your strategy and have the experience to unblock the even the most challenging positioning situations. This is not academic advice or tag lines or colors. This is deep impact positioning that moves the needle to accelerate revenue, shape category leadership and maximize valuation.