What we do

Firebrick is a strategic consultancy exclusively focused on positioning strategies that accelerate revenue, valuation, and category leadership for B2B tech companies. Through our unique Positioning Alchemy Revenue Ignition Process, we deliver a fresh narrative that wakes up the market, meaningfully connects your value with buyers, and drives clear differentiation. We help you stand out and show why you matter. No one will ever see your company the same way again — including you.

Company and
product positioning

Strong, differentiated positioning is foundational for B2B tech success and a hallmark of every significant category leader. But for most companies, it’s really hard to do. Me too. Low ACV. No buyer urgency. Too low in sales cycles. We shift the focus from features and “geek speak” to a promise that changes your customer’s world. Get ready to wow buyers, own a distinct corner of the category and cut through the noise.

Identifying the right positioning strategy is critical for growth, valuation and category power. Firebrick identifies alternatives, ignites debate and helps drive executives alignment. Winning strategies for category creation or disruption, integrating acquisitions, competing against goliaths, moving up/down market, re-energizing a legacy portfolio, shifting to multi-product portfolio and more.
The heart of Positioning is rooted in a compelling point of view that engages executive buyers, with a powerful, fresh narrative that brings your company and product to life. A buyer-centric storyline reframes the company in the context of a multimillion-dollar buyer problem, shows buyers a promised land and sets the buying criteria. Differentiators are up-leveled to value-based headlines with supporting evidence. A visually designed marketecture connects the story to the product.

Positioning Alchemy

Firebrick Revenue Ignition Process

Prepare and Assess

We immerse ourselves in your business, diving deeply into revenue drivers, sales cycle challenges and customer and market perceptions. We also want to fully understand your technologies. Through interviews with your executives and key sales, product and support teams — as well as your customers — we quickly determine what’s working (and what’s not). We combine these insights with a thorough review of your existing positioning along with analyst research and a survey of the competitive landscape. We integrate it all to create a thoughtful assessment to frame and focus the positioning initiative.

Develop Strategy and Storyline

The magic begins in an “all-hands” immersive workshop as we come together to imagine more. Leveraging proven models, Firebrick steps executives through buyer, category, differentiation and expansion strategies to shape a winning strategy and build the deep conviction needed to commit to it. We align your executive team through an in-depth, “buyer-centric” process that ignites debate on buyers, the “problem solved” category and differentiation strategies. We help you reframe your company and create a viewpoint and fresh vivid language that awakens executive buyers to your value. Once we have alignment on these positioning elements, we work together to shape and refine these ideas into a single, powerful narrative that compels target buyers and builds enduring differentiation and category power.

Align and Spark

The story we develop together is embodied in a corporate/first-call sales presentation, and final presentation of our work to the broader team involved. A Positioning Message Guide is written to help your marketing team operationalize the Positioning Story. The “guiding voice,” it is used as the foundation for activating the story through your marketing channels and can inform brand refresh. We deliver a prose-based document with elevator messages in short, medium and long formats, along with a message framework.