Who we’re for

Firebrick is for companies who want to realize their full potential. We are for executives making a big bet on a strategy and who absolutely have to get it right. Our clients come to us because “good enough” isn’t.


The Firebrick team plays in a league of their own. As a category-creation company, we gave them tough assignment - name the problem, position us uniquely, and elevate our message. They exceeded expectations. What an exceptional team! I'd hire them again in a heartbeat.

Elenitsa Staykova

VP Marketing, Apollo GraphQL

Firebrick is my go-to resource for positioning. Their process was core to building out category leadership and differentiating our product in a crowded market. Highly recommend!

Heidi Melin

CMO, Adobe Workfront

I've had the pleasure of working with Bob and the Firebrick team for over a decade at three different companies. One was in the hundreds of people, at a critical point in our history and I was the founder. Bob and his team worked their Day 2 magic and I was sitting there shocked by the clarity that *my* company was being described back to me. I was sold on the process and the results. Fast forward, when I was at a 120,000 person multi-national, I brought Bob and team in to help with getting the entire company and our customers aligned, and we did a two year long engagement that made all the difference. The Firebrick team has this ability to bring out the essence, present it in a clear and quantifiable way, test and then work to continuously improve it. If you get the opportunity to work with them, I would take it.

Jason Hoffman

President & CEO, MobileedgeX

Our work with Firebrick was truly transformational for our company. A real inflection point. The positioning helped us shift from features to engaging buyer conversations. And Firebrick gave us a much more strategic viewpoint. Now, our sales team is able to engage prospects and market analysts with new thinking. Because of the positioning, they are seen as advisors, showing the business impact that we can bring to the market. I can’t recommend Firebrick enough.

Tracy Eilier

Former CMO, InsideView

Firebrick is the best at B2B positioning, category creation, and differentiation. Their process is fast and provoking, and the positioning had an immediate, positive impact on our sales cycles. Firebrick helped us find a bigger, more powerful way to communicate our unique value. I will use them every time.

DeeAnna McPherson

Former CMO, Hootsuite, Former CMO, Yammer

Firebrick gave us a fresh perspective on positioning our organization in this very competitive market, helping us cut through the “me too” industry jargon to drive relentless focus on critical differentiation that are most valued by our prospects and clients. A transformational experience and a transformational result!

Patricia Harris

Senior Vice President, Solution and Product Marketing, Workday

Few consulting efforts have had such a large impact on Ping and how we are perceived in the market than the work Firebrick did for us. They are truly exceptional.

Andre Durand

Founder and CEO, Ping Identity

I’m thrilled we worked with Firebrick on our positioning. They were incredibly helpful at aligning our executive team and driving us to tell a bigger, differentiated story. They are game-changing and gave us a fresh viewpoint to engage our buyers and disrupt a crowded market category. I’d definitely recommend working with them if you’re looking to make positioning a priority in your organization.

Maia Josebachvili

Former VP of Marketing & Strategy, Greenhouse

Firebrick’s process-driven approach to understanding an organization’s market, competition, product and differentiation is unmatched. This agile mindset ensures their collaborative methods deliver unique positioning when and where it’s needed most. The Firebrick team is smart, focused and always ready with fresh perspectives — and from our viewpoint, the right perspective.

Bill Conner

President & CEO, SonicWall

I've used Firebrick at every growth company I've been a part of for the last decade. They help you understand your customer's "hair on fire" problem and give you the tools to communicate why your offering is the solution. Internal alignment is often the largest obstacle to telling the big story; Firebrick helps you get everyone on the same page.

Patrick Moran

CRO, Calendly